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Boudy Gardens is a backyard garden started by myself and my two sons.  We picked up gardening at the start of COVID as a way to keep ourselves occupied and also grow potatoes so we could have as many French fries as we wanted!  That turned into a passion for growing vegetables and flowers and learning how to grow our own food.  Outside of growing our own food, our hope is to help families start their own gardens with their own children to harvest the benefit fo bonding time, outdoor science, and growing their own food.

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We currently have 600 square feet of gardening space which consist of seven raised based, five vertical planters, a flower garden, an herb garden, our own rain water collection system, and a composite bin. 

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  • Dec082020

    DIY Vertical Herb Garden

    Our garden has a lot of vegetables and flowers but one thing we never got a chance to grow was herbs. With limited space in the backyard, we looked at a bunch of different options and finally settled on a vertical herb garden made out of a single pallet. Unfortunately, the videos and links that we found either on YouTube or Pinterest left out some important details out so we decided to make our own video to go along with it....

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  • Dec292020

    Reusing Seed Starting Pots

    You’d be surprised by what can qualify as a decent, if not great, seed starting pot and perhaps surprised even more to discover that many can be found in the recycling bin. Toilet rolls are free and accessible, but have their downside. I can get a second use from the paper cups and cartons that my to-go cappuccinos and milk come in. Large yoghurt containers are the perfect size and depth for flourishing seedlings that need a little more space before transplanting outside, and plastic packaging of all sorts can be cut up and......

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